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Hearing Protection

It’s important to protect your hearing

It is well known that loud noise can permanently damage your hearing, such as recreational noises from loud music or firearm use as well as noisy engines, machinery, power tools and industrial noise.

We perform workplace hearing screening and full hearing assessment for people working in noise and can also provide Industrial Noise Surveys. Industrial Noise Survey’s involve measuring the noise levels around your workplace and giving advice on safe time durations with and without hearing protection and we can suggest ways of reducing noise to acceptable levels.

Standard earmuffs and earplugs are rated according to how much they reduce noise. These ear protectors are usually marked with an SLC80 rating. For example, a pair of earmuffs with an SLC80 rating of 20 is suitable for noise levels of up to 100 decibels since they reduce the noise by 20 decibels to a more acceptable 80 decibels. Too much protection can cause communication problems.

We supply custom earplugs from ear impressions that are more comfortable and convenient to use than earmuffs or disposable plugs. We take the shape of your ear and canal to provide a durable, washable well fitting custom made plug.

Earplugs can be made with acoustic filters to reduce sound but allow speech and music to be heard.  Filters also prevent the wearer’s own voice from sounding hollow and difficult to monitor.  Filters are available with 10, 15 and 25dB attenuation depending on individual needs.

We make custom moulded ear plugs and ear moulds for:

  • hearing aids
  • reducing noise when at work or play without the bulk of earmuffs
  • snore plugs to block out a noisy partner or neighbour while trying to sleep
  • motorbike plugs to cut out wind, road and engine noise while riding
  • swim plugs to keep water out
  • musician’s plugs and musician’s ear level monitors
  • plugs to keep headphone buds in your ears, while reducing background noise and giving a great bass sound.
  • Many other solutions available
Clients include musicians, dentists, engineers, pilots, sound crews, tradesman and restaurant and nightclub employees.
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