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Important Points

Some important points about hearing aids

Adapting to your hearing aids

When a hearing aid is first fitted, the sound may be quite different to what the wearer expects or is used to. It will take some time to get used to the different sound.  Strategies to help you adapt to the use of new hearing aids will be discussed at the fitting appointment and if necessary during follow up appointments.  For most people the loss of hearing happens gradually over many years, hearing aids restore sounds that the brain has to relearn and get used to again.  For hearing aid wearers, these changes can be adapted to with perseverance.

Limitations of hearing aids

Even when wearing an effective hearing aid, a hearing impaired person may not be able to hear everything that is said.  This is especially the case in noisier environments.  It is important to remember that a hearing aid is not a replacement for natural hearing. Rather, it is an aid for impaired hearing. Hearing loss is due to damage to the hearing system and an aid does not repair this damage.

Developing effective communication strategies can help to compensate for the limitations of the hearing aid. Ballarat Hearing Clinic runs individual and group programs that teach communication strategies.

Another way to deal with the limitations of hearing aids is the use of assistive listening devices such as headphones for TV, amplified telephones and use of additional features available for hearing aids such as FM, telecoil and Bluetooth technology.

Ballarat, Stawell, St Arnaud, Donald and Bacchus Marsh Hearing Clinics have a range of assistive devices available.

Please feel free to discuss your needs and concerns with your Audiologist.

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