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Hearing Aids & Products

We provide a wide range of products

Audiologists from Ballarat, AraratStawell, Donald St Arnaud and Bacchus Marsh Hearing Clinics are able to accurately assess hearing difficulty and needs and prescribe the latest technology to assist individual concerns.  We offer very competitive pricing on our products, which we can source from a wide range of manufacturers.

We can prescribe the latest digital hearing aids, which have become very sophisticated at reducing background noise and enhancing speech clarity, leading to more comfortable and beneficial outcomes.   Styles of hearing aids have also become much more discrete for those concerned about the look of bulky devices.

Our University trained Audiologists can accurately fit and validate our devices and offer a personalised continuity to our service.  We give professional advice and training on the use of all of our products and develop a caring relationship with our clients.

To obtain a satisfactory outcome from hearing aids over time, a relationship should be maintained to monitor hearing changes, adjust the hearing aid settings and ensure the devices are running as programmed.  We recommend an annual check-up even if all is well.

Our products include:

  • Hearing Aids and Accessories available from the top manufacturers
  • High quality Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Hearing Aid Repairs for many makes and models
  • Earmoulds and re-tubing
  • Custom moulded plugs:
  • Noise Plugs, Swim Plugs, Snore Plugs, Communication and Personal Listening Ear Pieces. Hold your iPod and other earphones securely in place and cut out background noise.
  • Musician’s Passive Plugs and Monitors 
  • TV Listening Devices
  • Amplified Telephones for the hearing impaired
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Door Bells, FM Systems, Telecoil Systems, Bluetooth Solutions and many more ideas….

Hearing Instruments

The hearing instruments provided by our clinic are of the highest quality available and are the latest technology.

Unlike most clinics we are not owned by a manufacturer or contractually bound to supply one manufacture’s products over another.  As a locally owned and independent clinic, we are able to choose the products we fit.

Our clinicians are post graduate University trained specialists.  We do not employ Audiometrists or assistants with minimal training like many clinics. We only select the best Audiologists, who are skilled at identifying different types and degrees of hearing loss, assessing your needs and capabilities and providing technology that will best suit you.  Our clinicians are health care professionals, not sales people and you will see the same Audiologist each visit and develop a professional relationship.

We do not pay undisclosed commissions like most of our competitors. This means our Audiologists do not have a vested interest in selling you over-priced products.

Our top end products are usually thousands of dollars cheaper than most clinics and the retail chains.  It is usually cheaper to buy our gold and platinum level products privately than to purchase them with a government subsidy available to Pensioners and Veterans elsewhere, however, we offer further discounts for those with these entitlements and can provide free hearing aids of very high quality.  For information on the Hearing Services Program for Pensioners and Veterans, Click Here.

The latest digital technology leads to superior outcomes in situations with background noise, such as meetings and conferences, restaurants, family events, shopping, in the car and even listening to music.  Our Audiologists can discuss the full list of features for the various technology levels and can determine the most suitable products for your needs.

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